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Paris Airports The Airports of tomorrow

For the satellite dedicated to international high-speed traffic, the architects of Paris Airports and the agency have devised the highest standards of comfort and modernity in service and hospitality for the 7.8 million annual passengers. Shopping, restaurants and relaxation is mixed in 6,000 m2 of space, in a spot where the elegance of Parisian architecture meets the dream of travel, with views of the runways.
Architectural, Environment & Mobility design
Design Paris Aéroport
Architecture intérieure Paris Aéroport
Nouveau design Paris Aéroport
Aménagement intérieur Paris Aéroport
Architecture intérieure paris aéroport

A good plan turns waiting time into relaxation time

The generous volumes of the “Place de Paris,” as spacious as Paris’ Place Dauphine, form an expansive vaulted ceiling. The symmetry of its layout is reminiscent of classic French gardens. Natural light maximized by a unique lighting process and bouncing off the white-and-brown marble from the Ardennes covering the ground, combined with the presence of greenery, helps calm travel anxiety for waiting passengers.

The art of travel

Around the “Place de Paris,” walkways lined with oiled oak parquet terraces are embellished with real trees. The agency designed five different seating options for a total of 1,135 seats. The Talk a line duo of armchairs, Lounge banquettes, Aero benches and Banquettes circulaires allow for a variety of seating options to relax, spend time alone, or get to know someone. Inspired by the style of French furniture, covered in iridescent beige toned leather, they form an enormous champagne-colored lounge. Two contemporary artistic works animate the place. Taro Suzuki’s poetic “Water Canvas” water walls evoke Parisian fountains. A dynamic interactive 60-meter-long suspended light fixture by Matteo Messervy forms a monumental glass of champagne above the Bubble Bar.

Paris Aéroport - Architecture et Design
Paris Aéroport - Architecture et Design

Last shop before take-off

A nod to Avenue Montaigne, the Avenue connects the “Place de Paris” to the runways. Its floor is covered in Carrara marble laid out to evoke Parisian cobblestones. Behind potted trees, 4-meter-high windows are protected by unbleached canvas awnings embroidered with the logos of luxury brands.

Airports design by Saguez & Partners

Commercial spaces and services

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