« Think & make design! »


Our know-how includes knowing what we don’t know how to do. The talents of our four affiliates, all founded by creative entrepreneurs, complement and enrich our comprehensive approach to design.


The style team uses a refined, poetic and timeless approach informed by the French art of living to create the story of a place. Manganèse is there every step of the way—from planning to site supervision and styling—to deliver a turnkey result. Restô|Burô, its latest collection of furniture, caters to the way today’s users combine work and relaxation.


Architecture intérieure - La Grande Bauquière
Manganèse Éditions - La Grande Bauquière
Mobilier Manganèse Éditions - La Grande Bauquière
Book Envies - Manganèse Édition
Mobilier et décoration Manganèse Éditions
Mobilier et décoration Manganèse Éditions
Mobilier et décoration Manganèse Éditions
Mobilier et décoration Manganèse Éditions
Mobilier Manganèse Éditions - Table basse
Décoration Manganèse Éditions
Mobilier Manganèse Éditions - Yaya restaurant
Mobilier Manganèse Éditions - Yaya restaurant
Mobilier et décoration Manganèse Éditions
Mobilier et décoration Manganèse Éditions
Combining tradition
and modernity


Placing user-centered design at the heart of architecture: flow management, the right balance of spaces, the circulation of natural light, the choice of appropriate materials for each area. From site plan to executing the details, the seven DPLG (French government-certified) architects maintain a constant concern for finding the right balance between available resources and the final result.


Chantier Manufacture design - Saguez & Partners
Capital 8, immeuble de bureaux design à Paris
Capital 8, un jardin signé Alexis Tricoire
Capital 8, immeuble de bureaux design à Paris
Capital 8, immeuble de bureaux design à Paris
Architecture Marques Avenue
Marques Avenue - Architecture et Design
Paris Aéroport espace attente lounge
Galerie commerçante Paris Aéroport
Chantier de l'hôtel Le Barn
Our duty is to advise and support the client to invest in the right places and to make the Fil Rouge® (common theme) clearer and more coherent.

Agence-S & Saguez

Well-chosen words, precise graphics, finely sculpted typefaces, nuanced colors and quality printing, l’Agence-S & Saguez practices sterling design work. It shapes sensitive ideas, finds multifaceted solutions and creates brand identities infused with character. Each day Caroline Boutet & Simon Rodriguez bring passion and an artisanal, made-to-measure approach, deliverable in a rapid time frame by drawing on the existing resources of Saguez & Partners.


Château Autignac branding
webdesign agence s
Dandy's Pet - Design de marque
Dandy's Pet - Design de marque
Identité visuelle - Calmel & Joseph
Packaging Camel & Joseph
A simple and qualitative
approach to branding
in the manner of an artisan.

Saguez & Gomez

Interior designer Didier Gomez has put his stamp on hotels, luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and the workplaces of top fashion designers and prominent business leaders around the world as well as designing numerous furniture collections for international furniture manufacturers. With his exacting approach to luxury combined with Saguez & Partners’ mastery of major project management, the collaboration designs sustainable hotels where creativity, comfort, elegance, emotion and dreams come together.

Didier Gomez et Olivier Saguez - Manufacture Design
Architecture et design intérieur Sofitel Paris
Architecture intérieure Sofitel Faubourg, Didier Gomez
Décoration intérieure du Sofitel réalisée par Didier Gomez
Didier Gomez réalise l'architecture intérieure du luxueux Sofitel
Nouvelle décoration au Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg
Swimming pool Metropole Monte Carlo, Monaco
Metropole Monte Carlo, Karl Lagarfeld, Monaco
Restaurant Metropole Monte Carlo, Joël Robuchon, Monaco
Restaurant japonais Metropole Monte Carlo, Joël Robuchon
Renaissance République, design intérieur par Didier Gomez
L'architecte et décorateur Didier Gomez pour le Renaissance République
Design intérieur du restaurant Renaissance République
Terrasse extérieure au Renaissance République Paris
Sofitel Essaouira, Didier Gomez, Maroc
Design intérieur, Sofitel Essaouira, Didier Gomez
Architecture intérieure du Sofitel Essaouira, Didier Gomez
Sofitel Essaouira Resort, Didier Gomez
Design intérieur, villa Sofitel Assaouira, Didier Gomez
Sofitel Angola, Saguez & Gomez
Restaurant Lotte, Séoul, Yannick Alleno
Luxury is an attitude that changes the everyday. It attains the imagined with a form of excellence between proportions, space, materials and colors.