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Icade Rungis Park The end of commute-work-sleep

Interior Design magazine’s 14th annual Best of Year Awards honors top design projects and products around the world. Icade Rungis Park stands out in 2019 and won in the category of “Outdoor” : 63 hectares, 220 companies, 16,000 employees, one and a half years of design.
Environment & Identity design

How to meet in a city without a city center?

The leading business park in southern Paris, the 63 hectares Paris-Orly-Rungis Icade Park was built in the 1960s on agricultural land to accommodate all types of businesses and eventually resembled a giant industrial parking lot. In 2018, with the end of the realm of the automobile upon us, property company Icade entrusted Saguez & Partners with the transformation of its historic park to upgrade the site where 220 companies are located. For the 16,000 employees working in the park and the 5,000 inhabitants of Rungis, the agency has drawn up a plan articulated around three large squares, an environment design including daily services, places of connection and relaxation, and a graphic design.

The end of commute-work-sleep, the new business park city

3 places | 3 different encounters | 14 catering spaces | 3 Ping-Pong tables | 3 daycare centers | 1 zen space | 28 picnic tables | 1 medical center | 12 pergolas | | 1 click & collect | 3 pop-up stores | 250 meters of athletic tracks | 1 newspaper kiosk | 2 petanque courts | 2 co-working pavillions | 1 volleyball court | 1 450m2  vegetable garden | 1 dry cleaner | 1 CrossFit space 1 pop-up 1 store | 1 vélicade | 1 collective room | 1 garden hut | 1 wellness area | 1 beauty room         

Sports area to the north                

Facilities including a 250-meter athletic track, a petanque court and a fitness trail in the heart of nature, with weekly CrossFit sessions, sports classes led by Olympic champions, and even gardening classes with fruits and vegetables to take away.

The village square in the center

Mixed with new wellness facilities is a green outdoor meeting room and containers painted in the three colors of the new visual identity that house the seasonal offerings of local entrepreneurs. The Discovery Place brings together employees and residents around a cultural program punctuated by the highlights of the season.

The discovery square to the south

How to find your bearings and meet without a central square? The agency has imagined a Village Square where professionals and residents meet. Catering areas supplied directly from the Rungis food market and all new structures that facilitate daily life. There is a life after cars!

Numéro 1 depuis 1998, plus de 120 prix en 20 ans

A winning

Best of Year 2019, Interior Design Magazine
Outdoor category