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Saguez & Partners built the new Manufacture Design headquarters in the Docks of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, a new eco-district in Grand Paris, to think and work differently. Here, the agency’s 150 collaborators imagine and create the design of tomorrow.

Design Factory

In the heart of the Docks de Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, Saguez & Partners constructed its new nearly 5000m2 Manufacture Design headquarters in the former Alstom factory, originally built in 1922. Covering a third of the surface in the country’s 93rd Department, the new eco-district, Grand Paris, provides unique and interactive experiences. The firm works, reflects, observes and imagines new ways for city living: new neighborhoods, transportation options, lifestyles and new uses and attitudes regarding sustainable development.

Part campus  part laboratory  part workshop
part school  part coworking space  part café
part bivouac tent 

A Sustainable Agency In a Sustainable District

HQE® (Very Good), BREEAM (Very Good) for: pneumatic trash collection; CPCU managed district heating; natural ventilation system in place of air conditioning; the use of raw, warm materials such as Cross Laminated Timber CLT® on walls, compressed and heat-treated bamboo flooring by Moso selected for its low carbon footprint and sustainability. In its sustainable building, the agency has adopted sustainable practices like shared parking between neighboring buildings and the sorting and recycling of waste.

The Office Hotel

The services of a fine hotel for the agency’s 150 collaborators as well as visitors: click & collect shopping storage, parking for electric vehicles, two restaurants, a refectory, a dining room, two shared coworking tables, 7 outdoor picnic tables, 3 tea break corners, 2 workout rooms, 3 libraries, a lounge complete with a fireplace, 2 mini-amphitheaters, 6 conference rooms with a view onto a central tropical garden with its bivouac tent, 1000m2 of gardens and outdoor terraces to breathe and get inspired.

Multi-use spaces to work differently: Four terraces, 2 workshops, a FabLab for building prototypes, a digital image studio, a 250 m2 materials library, a Manganèse Éditions-designed lounge, four interior conference rooms, 7 quick-point meeting stations, 2 Confidents privacy booths, and a zen zone Shhhhhhhh!

All fully equipped and multi-connected.