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Parly 2 Sixties Chic

Opened in 1969, Parly 2 was the first shopping mall in France, inspired by the American way of life of the 1960s. The revival of this historic space demanded a respect for its original elegance, noble construction materials, light quality, scale and graphic design elements.
Architectural, Global & Retail design

A new architectural reading of an historic structure

Like other emblematic post-war architecture including Orly Ouest, the Maison de la Radio or the Hilton Suffren, Parly 2 brought its own touch of utopia. Reflecting the new art of indoor-outdoor living, the center brings the best of Paris to the countryside west of the city with its shops, services, architecture and design. After nine years of renovation completed in phases, the architectural reinterpretation and evolution of the visual identity by Saguez & Partners brings the best of today to Parly 2 by marrying noble materials, arts and crafts, iconic designers and new technologies.

Spaces regain their height. Rest areas are furnished with the great names of design: Ray & Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, Arne Jacobsen, Jean Prouvé, Jaime Hayon and Louis Poulsen. The ceiling gives way to a large gilded copper leaf nave inspired by the geometric “stretched sail” architecture of the 1960s, further evoking Sixties Chic with a winking graphic reference to the chain-link metal favored by fashion designer Paco Rabanne. Plastic artists Mathias et Matteo Messervy collaborated with the agency to treat the lighting like a new material in dialogue with the interior spaces and natural light.

A smart, stylish, snappy brand

For the first shopping center to become a veritable brand, Saguez & Partners designed original typography inspired by the pop graphics of the 1960s. Rounded and flirty, the letter “P” rolls in on itself and the “Y” stretches out. The endless repetition of the “P” reinterprets the graphic games of kinetic art. In tangerine orange, obviously!

And what if it’s Parly 2 that inspired Mad Men?

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A winning

Janus du Commerce
Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2012
Prix Design global, Grand Prix.