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Porte de Versailles Convention Center & Urban Park

The first expo and convention center in Europe is transformed into a veritable urban park mixing international professional activities and public spaces for residents, at the crossroads of 3 neighboring cities.
Environment design
Banc connecté à Porte de Versailles
Design d'environnement Viparis
Chantier parc expo Porte de Versailles

A dual challenge for Viparis and the City of Paris

For sustainable and architectural business requalification over 10 years, Saguez & Partners has defined a new coherent general environmental design plan for indoor and outdoor areas, in the spirit of an urban park.

  • 135 hectares
  • 200 expos
  • 7 million visitors of which professionals spend 3 times more than an average tourist

From all minerals and metals to a proliferation of vegetation

By diverting logistics to the rear zones, the public space is opened up towards the city. 70,000 m2 of green spaces have been created, including 52,000 m2 of terraces. A 1.7 km vegetal crown provides a visual and phonic barrier between the park and the 3 local communities. Increasing biodiversity with 54 different species of plants transforms the visitor journey into a huge green walk punctuated by made-to-measure urban park furniture.

Services are housed in two hubs with a total surface area of ​​600 m2, treated like pavilions whose exterior architecture will gradually be obscured by vegetation. JJ Pigeon’s artistic work, inspired by nature, overruns the interior.

Modernisation Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
Modernisation Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

A collection of furniture with an original and useful design

Visitors are greeted on the forecourt of the main entrance planted with 26 umbrella pines. A gigantic connected circular bench 20 meters in diameter becomes the central meeting place, surmounted by an event and signage ring 40 meters in diameter, which directs visitors to the 8 pavilions. The entire collection of furniture has been custom designed for various uses: benches, candelabra, ashtrays, chairs, columns, waste baskets, armchairs, fountains, entry booths, gates, planters, kiosks, floor lamps, lanterns, flag masts, signage masts, shade umbrellas, parasols, façade screens, garden screens, tables, terraces, totems.

It will make Paris the leader in business tourism.
Christophe Cuvillier
President of Unibail-Rodamco