« Think & make design! »

Areas of Business

Good design is useful. Design is there to help the brand (in a broad sense) to stand out and thus to make a mark on its audiences. The design is in the legibility of the products and services of the brand. The design is not a speech, it is the embodiment of the proven commitment of a brand. Because customers/users/citizens have a comprehensive vision of their tangible experience with the brand, Saguez & Partners takes a user-centered approach to design.


Facts and Actions

« Creator of points of view, manufacturers of evidence.” No grand speeches, just facts and tangible, significant actions! Recognize and reveal what makes the branding project unique, legitimate and desirable.

  • Branding platform
  • User journey
  • Design thinking
  • Creation of product and service offers
  • International prospecting
  • Change / Accompagnement au changement

Virginie Parisot

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Advice &


Branding design

« The essence of branding is making a mark! »

Because a brand is obliged to demonstrate its difference and added value, it has to create a strong and recognizable visual identity that embodies the brand’s essence. Relevance, singularity and coherence are the three criteria of a powerful and lasting identity system.

  • Relevance : a strategic approach
  • Singularity : a creative approach
  • Coherence : a pragmatic approach

100 brand identity programs in 20 ans. 45% of the CAC 40 (the 40 largest stocks in the French stock market index) have already placed their trust in Saguez & Partners.

  • Strategy consulting
  • Brand platform
  • Brand expression
  • Brand architecture/legibility of product & service offers
  • Visual brand identity
  • Brand experience
  • Brand engagement/Tools and support

Thibault Saguez and Liliane Richard

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Imagining and developing new urban mobility strategies, branding the experience on all journeys (air, rail, autonomous vehicle, car-sharing service, bicycle, pedestrian) to live better in the city on a day-to-day basis and to enhance the attractiveness of territories. The design thinking of mobilities is a reflection on new and expanded customer journeys, a continuity of new areas of mobility where the brand become part of a unique user-centered customer experience adapted to social, economic and sustainable social issues.

  • Client journey and experience platform
  • Designing new uses and design incarnation
  • Services and UX design
  • Brand imprint

Blandine de Leiris

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“The place creates the link”. The customer journey toward the brand is necessarily global and omnichannel. Useful in regard to a digital channel. Emotional and experiential in physical spaces. For a stronger relationship with the customer, the agency has always innovated in the construction of smooth customer journeys that encompass both the useful and experiential facets of a multi-channel business. From the craftsman to the large network, from the independent business owner to the department store or the shopping center, we innovate to create striking commercial concepts.

  • Project platforms
  • Client journey
  • Fil Rouge® (common theme) global design
  • Implementation advice
  • International support

Cécile Poujade

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The agency creates a link between design and architecture through an overall approach between the building and the interior spaces, in the service of an architectural identity that is more functional, singular and easy to use.

The teams of DPLG (French government-certified) architects, interior designers and designers all work together under the same roof of the Manufacture Design headquarters.

The agency notably specializes in large-scale projects: airports, train stations, shopping centers, market halls, office complexes, commercial buildings, mixed-use facilities, exhibition parks and conference centers, large urban projects.

  • Global Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior design and architecture

Patrick Roux and Lorraine Dieulot

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A city, a street, a boulevard, a platform, a square, shops, a park, a passageway. A train station, a forecourt, a parking lot, corridors, docks, services, a hall, an arrival, shops. An airport, signage, a car park, a departure area, a hall, a meeting point, an arrival area, boutiques.

Environment design creates a relationship with the customer, user and citizen journey. Today, it is about living real moments in the public space and creating a veritable personality both on the outside and inside of places and sites.

Uses + cost + quality = sustainable design

Patrick Roux and Lorraine Dieulot

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Work Differently. In the age of the internet and the mobile office, where everyone can work from home, we help companies create thoughtfully conceived spaces built around the new ways that today’s workers use office spaces, which is both a lever of performance and an advantage in attracting new talent. It’s an approach that mixes well being and efficiency with the art of living at work to create fully equipped transformational workspaces—from space planning to the development and execution of construction.

  • AMO and Project Management
  • Workplace strategy
  • Change management and communication
  • User journey
  • Fil Rouge® (common theme) global design
  • Macro and micro zoning
  • Space planning
  • Furniture and ergonomics
  • Assembly and work management

Pierre-Olivier Pigeot

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Lifestyle Design

Moments of life

A good hotel isn’t just for show! Saguez Lifestyle was born from this vision. The hotel design starts with life’s moments to create a space that offers a range of great experiences. Lifetime® hotels are in line with the needs of today’s travelers while affirming their uniqueness and elegance, each a singular place where comfort, emotions and dreams come together.

Working projects: Hilton Canopy, Kimpton Capucines Paris, Les Hôtels Très Particuliers & La Folie Douce Hôtels, Novotel Monte Carlo, Méridien Nice, Novotel Porte de Versailles, Mercure Chartrons, Barn Hôtel, La Grée des Landes, Lifestyle Hôtel à Tunis, Palace à Casablanca, Kley co-living, Orient Express. 

Valérie Parenty