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Orient Express The ambassador of French savoir faire

Even more legendary than the Concorde airplane or the SS France ocean liner, the Orient Express train continues to entice travelers with dreams of the Orient mixed with the best in French savoir faire. A brand book in the style of a travelogue presents the preliminary design of what could be the Orient Express of the future.
Identity, Mobility & Strategy design
Architecture intérieure du train Orient Express
Design architecture, Orient Express
Voiture restaurant Orient Express
Nouvelle identité visuelle Orient Express
Saguez & Partners signe l'identité Orient Express
Univers graphique Orient Express
Univers de marque Orient Express

Exceptional moments

The outward-looking interior architecture is designed around the view of the landscapes that roll by and to moments of life on the train. Curved glass creates a bay window effect and a zenithal view in the panoramic car. Integrated into the windows, an interactive travel guide accompanies passengers. The layout offers a succession of spaces in the same area, offering the opportunity for exceptional moments. There are small lounges, a bar and lounge in the dining car, and three alcoves in the cabins for the bed, the desk and the powder room.

Orient Express - Mobilier et Design
L'Orient Express mobilier design

Timeless luxury

Like the original train, the project revives the best of French craftsmanship and manufacturing in cabinet making, glassware, silk or leatherwork. With the same high standard of design, the legendary furniture of the past is adapted to new styles of living—with updated meridian sofas, coffee tables, blinds, folding screens, trumeaus, writing desks and table lamps inspired by the historic triangle lamp.

Some details: Mahogany wood, Marsh oak. Fluted lacquered chiseled glass, mirror polished stainless steel. Alabaster stones, marble, gypsum marquetry. Textiles in embroidered silk, carpet, acoustic fabric, braided floor coverings. Shagreen leather, shearling, upholstered leather beds and blinds, leather-paneled partitions.


Through text, watercolors and sketches, the brand book evokes the contemporary art of travel. Printed in Italian format on paper created by Tintoretto, it was translated into three languages and presented at the Milan Furniture Fair and at the exhibition “Once Upon a Time the Orient Express” at the Arab World Institute in Paris.

Those who have experienced the legend : Leo Tolstoy, Marlene Dietrich, Sergei Diaghilev, Lawrence of Arabia, Mata Hari, Joseph Kessel, Ernest Hemingway and of course Agatha Christie.

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