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Eram Freedom, Quality, Levity

A leader in high street and shopping center fashion footwear, Éram combines its manufacturing expertise with a network of 400 boutiques around the world, allowing it to guarantee a better quality/price (and style) ratio for its customers. Still as sassy as ever, the brand expresses its fashion point of view through a new identity and look for its stores. Everything starts with the foot, and it’s the shoes that define the attitude!
Global, Identity & Retail design
Éram identité visuelle
Design de la vitrine Éram

A melodious, stylish visual identity

“Eéééééééram, you’d be crazy to spend more!” This major brand exaggerates its cheerful melodious é while affirming itself with a more stylish typography reminiscent of a fashion magazine header. Written in a registered black block type, the name is offbeat, like the brand. The color 100 % Yellow is 100 % optimistic. The accent on the é gets away to alight in small humorous Yellow Twist touches throughout the store.

A giant dressing room

For Éram’s young, active, attractive, urban target customer, the agency imagined the store like a spacious dressing room. The quasi-industrial building shell contrasts with the atmosphere of a loft warmed up with light wood, textiles on the floors and a line of tailor-made furnishings. The styling adds additional touches of humor, with stepladders turned display shelves and accessories laid out on a vintage turntable. Just as quirky on the exterior, the slightly recessed interactive façade creates a break amongst storefronts that calls out to the customer.

Design retail Éram
Design retail Éram

Two-in-one eco-responsible packaging

An ingenious packaging system transforms a shoe box into a stylish bag. Economizing is chic!

A popular brand on a small budget

Offering accessible prices means keeping costs to a minimum. By choosing raw materials, neutral tones of white, gray and black, and a simple, clever and modular layout that’s quick and flexible to use, the agency designed the new store for the same cost as the old one.

Advertising by Étienne Chatiliez, Benoît Devarrieux and Philippe Michel, founder of CLM/BBDO.

Numéro 1 depuis 1998, plus de 120 prix en 20 ans

A winning

Grand Prix Stratégies du Design 2007
Prix de l’Identité Visuelle.
Janus du Commerce
2007 et 2013