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Lenôtre Exceptional Brand

Founded in 1947 by Gaston Lenôtre, icon of French gastronomy, the House of Lenôtre wants to seduce a young and urban clientele by offering more accessible, spontaneous catering at any moment of the day, not just reserved for a single day of the year.
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Wake up a sleeping beauty

They are called Lenôtre, Gallimard, Fragonard, Hermes or Mariage Frères—the list is long and incomplete. These big brands followed one after the other to make France shine abroad. Yet the purple and gold brand has gradually become more associated with special occasions. Lenôtre is first of all the name and legacy of a man, Gaston. A French sound, always distinguished, always refined. Saguez & Partners has taken inspiration from a name both noble and generous designed to bring happiness.

Dancing body, sparkling spirit

The dancing letters constitute the identity of the brand, symbolizing the sparkling personality of its founder. The typography has been reworked in two heights for better readability. Lenôtre is now adorned with soft and timeless colors, a return to the essential. Black letters contrast with white, a sign of lightness and freedom according to small and big appetites—morning, noon or late at night, on the spot or to take go—but also to symbolize the baker’s soul (white like flour, cream or a chef’s attire). Finally, the golden yellow evokes French excellence, the gold of Paris and a sense of celebration. A solar macaron dresses the typography: the incarnation of France and its culinary heritage that has radiated internationally.


A shop as mad as a chef’s hat

The address? 10 rue Saint-Antoine in Paris. Completely reimagined by the design agency Saguez & Partners, the shop invites visitors to have a warmer, more casual experience.

Upon entering, a central table takes pride of place. This centerpiece inspired by the banquets of Lenôtre displays the brand’s iconic products. The open kitchen places a high value on know-how and creates a warm link with the kitchen brigade. Guests can take their time, enjoy a taste and interact with the chefs.

The 80 m2 shop reprises the codes of the Parisian house, with wheat-effect ceiling moldings, mosaic stoneware flooring in four shades (off-white, greige, warm brown, golden yellow) and solid oak furniture that echo the character of Haussmannian apartments. Behind the word “house” the values of family and the history of the brand perpetuate themselves.