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EMLYON Business School A new campus model

In the heart of Paris, across from the Gare de Lyon, a new campus model for learning differently. More than a school, a place of connection, a real place of influence open to the city, to life and to business.
Office, Identity & Strategy design
Silent Room à l'emlyon business school
Brain Bubble à l'emlyon business school
Brainstorm pool à l'emlyon business school
Le 48.2 espace de coworking à l'emlyon paris
Graphisme à l'emlyon business school
Makers'lab à l'emlyon business school Paris

In class and between classes

Corridors, stairways, landings and sidewalks…each of the 5,500m2 is designed to encourage exchanges and stimulate learning. Saguez Workstyle® exploited the building spaces in all their dimensions to create a talent incubator: Collaborative interactions in the Learning Hub and the Brain Bubbles, amphitheatres sunken into the floor, concentration in the Silent Room, meetings in the lounge area 48.2.

  • 5,500 m2 of co-working space dedicated to young people and businesses
  • 4,100 students
  • 5,500 professionals in continuing education

Learn differently

The furniture design encourages a variety of working postures: solo, reclining, collaborative, standing, providing as many space options as modes of learning. The campus becomes the home of the Early Makers, where the 4,100 students and 5,500 continuing education professionals share, cogitate, rest, learn, connect or disconnect, and remake the world.

Campus parisien de l'emlyon
Campus parisien de l'emlyon

Intuitive graphics & the spirit of a factory

The square geometry of the EMLYON logo consists of four frames that are employed in varying configurations to reflect the mission of a school that creates a framework for learning that is open to all fields of possibilities. Four strong colors act as a manifesto and create intuitive landmarks at each of the four levels: bright corporate red in the auditorium, vegetal green in the Learning Hub, serene blue in the Silent Room, radiant yellow on the incubator floor.

International brand showcase

Inaugurated in Paris, the new campus model has naturally emerged as an unmissable site of influence in the French capital. In just a few months, it has become the international showcase for the EMLYON Business School brand, with its concept deployed at the Saint-Étienne and Shanghai locations.

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Last year, emlyon opened a campus in Paris worthy of a startup incubator.
Special business school rankings, December 2017