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Lab 114 Spread a new workplace environment culture

And if your workplace environment evolved at the speed of technology to adapt permanently according to usage needs, to make life easier in the office of tomorrow? What fundamental role will the workplace hold to help us work better together? To spread a corporate culture and offer new services? To recruit and retain talent? To collectively reflect on how to spread a new workplace environment culture, Lab 114 is a 1,500 m2 pro-working space designed to cover and reimagine the worspace as a service, housed in Paris Montmartre.
Identity & Office design

Collective play

The agency has designed the graphism and interior architecture of this hybrid place that responds to the real estate flexibility challenges of the company and focuses on exchanges between communities, services and cooperation, all reasons to come and work in the office of! It designed the uses of the innovation lab and imagined its service offering. The creation of this transforming device, accompanied by design thinking methods and a prospective scientific committee, makes it possible to engage a transverse community.

A place for body and spirit to rebound

Modular, reversible, agile, versatile and accessible, Lab 114 borrows the graphic codes of the gymnasium to embody the values ​​of sports: efficiency, team spirit, self-improvement. Like sports, which unites and symbolizes a shared popular culture.

Team Spirit

The vocabulary borrowed from sports plunges users into a gathering place. And as sport is also about moving and creating good energy, graphics, visual codes and architecture invite users to bounce around and appropriate space according to their activities. From signage to color codes, through services and tools, everything invites users to take ownership of the place, to write, to speak in a public forum and to become an actor. La Tribune is a stepped speaking area, accommodates up to 90 people.

Create encounters, change postures to think and do things differently

Modular and open, the 500m2 space transforms according to usage needs. Instructions are posted on the walls and on the floor, an intuitive guide that allows everyone to appropriate the space. Made-to-measure furniture on wheels designed to fold, unfold and move can be used to partition the space if desired for design thinking sessions.

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