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Everything communicates, every day, everyone, every way. 14 million daily customers, 15,000 daily trains, 260,000 employees, 600 communicators.
6 BUSINESSES: SNCF Voyageurs - SNCF Réseaux - SNCF Railways and Connections - SNCF Logistics - Geodis - Keolis - SNCF Immobilier
Global, Identity & Strategy design
Identité visuelle du Groupe SNCF
Identité visuelle du Groupe SNCF
Identité visuelle du Groupe SNCF
Identité visuelle du Groupe SNCF
Univers graphique SNCF Groupe
Identité visuelle du Groupe SNCF
Identité visuelle du Groupe SNCF
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Graphic Design SNCF
Identité de marque SNCF Groupe

Fluidify, Orient, Inform, Send, Connect and Escape!

Beyond the coherence of the speeches and the recognition of the issuer, brand identity charters and brand products and services must take into account the need to ensure the legibility of offers but especially of customer journeys.

The idea of a client journey

It’s a question of harmonizing the varying brand voicing on products, offers and services and to create smooth customer journeys whatever their destination or moment of life: commuting to and from work, on a family or business trip, an accessibility route, a leisure route…

Legibility, fluidity and coherence are the three major challenges of the customer’s itinerary, adapted to all customers, from the act of purchase to their arrival points at destination, via multimodal hubs, rolling stock…

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The multiplicities of brand voicing

Before: Talk prices, promotions, reservations; identify connections, dates/times, services.

During: Notify arrivals, departures, delays, disruptions, connections, services, platforms, tracks, cars, places, on-board services.

After: Information services, returns, cities/regions and customer retention.

The multiple modes of brand voicing

Digital apps, push sms, emails, corporate and commercial website, signage, display, retail outlets, objects, passenger lounges, waiting spaces, rolling stock, acoustics, sound identity, intranet, brand induction training, internal discussion.

My firm belief is that the SNCF needs to reinvent itself.
Guillaume Pepy
March 6, 2018