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SUEZ Environment Unique sign of a circular economy

The number 2 world leader in water and waste management, Suez undergoes a profound transformation of its brand strategy, concentrated on the preservation of natural resources, by merging all its businesses under a single brand, a unique name, a unique logo!
Identity & Strategy design
Suez change d'identité visuelle
Suez change d'identité visuelle
Création du logo Suez par Saguez & Partners
L'identité visuelle Suez signée Saguez & Partners
L'identité visuelle Suez signée Saguez & Partners
Suez - Design corporate

An inverted S recycled into a Z

An S with endless possibilities, in the image of the continuous, virtuous circle of resources tapped to create sustainable harmony. An S open like collaborative work modes. An S composed of three loops forming the three C’s of the resource revolution: circular, concrete, collaborative.

Suez branding corporate
Brochure corporate Suez

An optimistic and benevolent identity

The soft, round, lowercase typography reflects the accessible and humane nature of one of the world’s leading resource management players. On a white background, a luminous green, the color of the brand’s hope and optimism, is paired with expert blue, at the forefront of innovation. The logo and the brand identity framework, treated like an infinitely unfolding wave, accompanies the signature “Ready for the resource revolution.”

Have you noticed ? In Saguez, there is Suez!