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Michel Cluizel Cacaofévier® chocolate maker

Born in 1948 in the family kitchen, today the Michel Cluizel brand is sold to 6,000 professionals in 38 countries and to home cooks in its new stores. Saguez & Partners created a new identity for the brand in the image of its finely made chocolates.
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Identité visuelle Michel Cluizel
Identité graphiques Michel Cluizel
Graphisme Michel Cluizel
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Nouveau logo Michel Cluizel
Design graphique du chocolatier Michel Cluizel
Identité du chocolatier Michel Cluizel
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Chocolatier Michel Cluizel

Big Factory, Little Factories

Cocoa beans are processed directly in the company’s large chocolate factory, the Grande Manufacture in Damville in the Eure, a region known for its dairy products. Eight smaller factories scattered around the world use the Cluizel know-how to make the products widely accessible.

A finely made product

Using a selection of the most noble coffee beans from plantations around the world, the best tools of the trade and a mastery of the process, Michel Cluizel has been perfecting its chocolates for three generations. A family story mixed with professional rigor and a demand for quality is translated into a new visual brand identity.

Michel Cluizel
Michel Cluizel - Chocolatier - Identité visuelle

Quality house label

The diamond shape evokes the stamp of a good worker and the spirit of transmission of specialized knowledge. Using a graphic play, the perfectly square grid evokes both the standardized work of the chocolate maker and the chocolate square itself. On a chocolate brown background, small orange squares enhance the depth of the cocoa color and enliven the senses. The diversity of product flavors at Michel Cluizel is embodied by the varying weave patterns and colors in the Premier Grands Crus de Plantation and Grandes Teneurs en Cacao (High Cocoa Content) ranges.

  • 8 small factories in Paris, Nantes, Neuilly, New York and Bucharest.
  • 2 Chocolatrium® chocolate museums in Damville, France and West Berlin, New Jersey in the United States.
  • 3 generations
  • 220 passionate collaborators