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Marques Avenue Outlet & Lifestyle

Since the creation of its visual identity for the opening of the Romans site in 1999, Saguez & Partners has supported Marques Avenue in the construction and renovation of all 8 sites: Romans, Talange, Troyes, Cholet, Corbeil-Essonnes, Île-Saint-Denis, A6 et A13.
Architectural, Global & Identity design
Rénovations Marques Avenue
Architecte Christophe Vergnaud
Architecture Marques Avenue
Design architecture Marques Avenue
Architecture retail - Marques Avenue

At the exit of Paris, and already at the coast

From the beginning of the A13 motorway, Marques Avenue offers a taste of holidays on the Atlantic coast or a weekend on the Normandy coast. The center is designed as an open-air village on 13,800 m2 including 7,600 m2 of dunes, composed of 772 m3 of sand and plant species of the Atlantic coast like dune grass and maritime and parasol pines.

Fishing for bargains

The fleet of 68 signs is installed in houses evoking large boat houses or canneries. The shades of gray that cover the façades recall the skies and wet sands of the equinox. With zinc roofs, gables, large awnings, skylights and chimneys, oculus windows, roof lights, the diversity of the façades creates rhythm for visitors, marked out by strong references: a 4 x 4 meter wooden dovecote at the entrance, a children’s space that looks like a giant Mikado game, lighting and flagpoles inspired by driftwood.

Marques Avenue - Architecture et Design
Marques Avenue - Architecture et Design

First all-wood shopping center

Where pontoons, fishermen’s huts and beach cabins are part of the landscape, the choice of West Coast-inspired wood has naturally imposed itself. For its sustainable qualities, cost and speed of execution, architect Christophe Vergnaud has framed the façades with spruce wood. 1,700 m3 of CLT® Woodeum are mixed with other west wind resistant materials such as 18,000 m2 of zinc roofing and cladding. The gray stained spruce furniture, custom designed by the agency, invites you to take a break on a bench, banquette, deck chair or garden bench on the terrace. Elsewhere starts here!

Clients: Concepts & Distribution and Altaréa-Cogedim

Numéro 1 depuis 1998, plus de 120 prix en 20 ans

A winning

Grand Prix du Design Stratégies 1999
Prix de l’Identité visuelle
Grands Prix Top Com 2004
Janus du Commerce 2015