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Carrefour The first superstore in France

40 years after its creation, faced with competition from online grocery shopping and the renewal of local commerce, how to entice customers to enter a 26,000 m2 store and to walk a 450-meter central aisle stocked with more than 10,000 different products?
Global & Retail design
Carrefour Villiers en Bières, le plus grand d'Europe
Design et architecture intérieure de Carrefour
L'agence Saguez & Partners signe le design global de Carrefour Villiers en Bières
Espace café et glace au Carrefour Villiers en Bières
L'espace charcuterie au Carrefour Villiers en Bières
Architecture intérieure du Carrefour de Villiers en Bières
Pâtisserie, design, architecture commerciale, Carrefour
Les produits de saison, design, architecture, Carrefour
Cave à vin, design retail, Carrefour Villiers en Bières
Espace beauté, architecture commerciale, Carrefour
Espace culture et média, architecture intérieure, Carrefour

A good plan

Everything under the same roof, but on a human scale. Saguez & Partners has designed a new plan that structures the space to better adapt to the needs and time limitations of today’s customer, whether for recurring practical errands or shopping for pleasure. The single check-out line is split in four. To reduce anxiety, between two check-out lines, the catering space “Around the Counter” is a natural extension of the store. While maintaining the same enormous surface, the impression of gigantism has disappeared.

Four stores in one

Four entrances, four areas of expertise with strong added value animated by professionals, four spaces identified by the interior architecture and graphics. Work on lighting, flooring, ladder heights and material codes assures the legibility and fluidity of various paths through the store: the Market, the Fashion Island, the Beauty Counter and Culture & Media.

Architecture intérieure - Carrefour
Architecture intérieure - Carrefour

Above all, a market!

Like a large covered market square, under a drop paper ceiling fashioned like beams, the market unites all the food services in one place. The know-how of each specialist is staged in open workshops, promoting the interaction between customers and professionals. Materials are borrowed from the food sector: white earthenware tiles, oak or hazelwood partitions and galvanized steel structures.

The new visual identity reveals the wealth of know-how and what’s on offer

Structuring the supply of more than 10,000 products and prioritizing the brand’s messages while ensuring overall consistency is the mission of Carrefour Villiers-en-Bière’s new visual identity. Graphic codes with simple, effective forms, symbol labels, a library of typography, iconography, vocabulary, colors and materials identify each profession and each area.

Numéro 1 depuis 1998, plus de 120 prix en 20 ans

A winning

Grands Prix Top Com consumer 2017
Gold, Global Design