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Kusmi Tea Flagship & Restaurant

Founded in 1897 in Saint-Petersburg by the supplier to the tsars, Kusmi Tea relocated to Paris at the start of the Russian revolution in 1917. Now an international market leader in premium tea, the brand has set up shop on the most beautiful avenue in the world, number 71 on the Champs-Élysées.
Retail design
Kusmi Tea et Café Kousmichoff Champs Élysées
Boutiques Kusmi Tea et Café Kousmichoff
Café Kousmichoff sur les Champs Élysées

A pure setting for pouring a mix of teas

The space’s white envelope differentiates itself from the spirit of traditional tea houses, with their colonial style or dark woods. The transparent glass façade creates an atmosphere of reflections, mist and white snow that evokes the Russian glassmaking tradition. The elegance of silkscreen printed glass, the light-colored marble, floors in white gouged wood, the clean lines and the finishes create a feminine and refined atmosphere in perfect harmony with the new collection of Wellness Teas.

Kusmi Tea - Café Kousmichoff - Paris - Architecture
Kusmi Tea - Café Kousmichoff - Paris - Architecture

Parisian life with slavic soul

The dominant use of white showcases Kusmi Tea’s emblematic baroque-style packaging. Revisited Russian nesting dolls guide visitors from the boutique to the restaurant upstairs. In homage to the brand’s founder, the Café Kousmichoff welcomes visitors in a cosmopolitan setting that mixes Slavic soul with the feel of a New York City loft, illuminated by Ruskii Twist pendant lights reminiscent of the domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Seated on loungey Silvera banquettes or Alki bar stools, customers sample reinterpreted Russian cuisine accompanied by a glass of vodka or Roederer champagne, once the official supplier of the Russian Imperial Court, while contemplating the view of the Champs-Elysées.

Photography exhibited by Dimitri Tolstoï.

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