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MAGAZZINO 100% Italian Grocery, fresh produce market, wine cellar, trattoria & more

A selection of the best products direct from Italy at a molto accessible price.
Identity & Retail design
Façade atelier de Guth et Magazzino à Creutzwald
La Table MAGAZZINO, fromagerie
La Table MAGAZZINO, épicerie, fromagerie
La Table MAGAZZINO, restaurant
Architecture intérieure Atelier de Guth
La Table MAGAZZINO, les délices d'Italie
Architecture intérieure de l'atelier de Guth à Creutzwald

Two stores in one

A traditional grocery on the bottom, with its pocket trattoria for quick lunches. A second trattoria and a restaurant upstairs per mangiare, per discutere (to eat and have a conversation)…

A warehouse-inspired design

With its big garage door on the façade, raw and polished concrete, touches of Carrara marble on the countertops, solid oak, ceilings covered in Fibralith for sound insulation, wire mesh grid panels, black metal and plenty of merchandising to highlight fresh arrivals.

An intelligent floor plan

The idea was to position service teams and fresh food purveyors in a central island while situating a classic Italian grocery on the periphery of the store.

Clients are served at the center of the store, and like a classic Italian passeggiata—an after-dinner stroll—pass and repass around the central island to serve themselves to the grocery items on the perimeter.

Atelier de Guth
Atelier de Guth

A trattoria and a restaurant

Stop in at the pocket trattoria for a quick, improvised, 100% Italian lunch on the go.

Or settle in for a more leisurely meal at the elegant, reasonably priced Italian restaurant, with intimate tables for two or seating options for larger groups of friends or family.

Design molto semplice

Design isn’t an end in itself, it exists in the service of a product, to create an appetite for what’s on offer, a readily available selection of exceptional products at accessible prices.

Foccacia, melone, pomodoro, tartufo, proseco, mozarella, pizza, lemancello, tagliatelle, oliva d’oliva…Buono et bene ma meno caro che da Eataly*.
*Great quality and so much cheaper than Eataly.