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Bpifrance Serving the future

Who says a public brand can’t be fast, simple and straightforward? A union of three entities under a single window, Bpifrance is the single point of contact for the financing and investments of entrepreneurs. Created in less than a year, the brand combines the strength of a public bank with the audacity of an entrepreneur.
Identity, Office & Strategy design
Identité visuelle Bpifrance par Saguez & Partners
Identité visuelle Bpifrance par Saguez & Partners
Nouveaux bureaux Bpi France à Paris
Aménagement des bureaux BpiFrance
Le hub BpiFrance à Paris


The antithesis of the sector’s closed and institutional codes, Bpifrance sets itself in motion with four differentiating values: simplicity, proximity, willpower and optimism. A transparent vs. opaque brand, close vs. distant, optimistic vs. austere, frugal vs. excessive, yes vs. no.

A sunny, optimistic logo
for a sunny brand

The visual identity translates the brand’s promise with impact and coherence. Sunny yellow marries with a taupe gray that evokes pragmatism. The double sign, the vertical bar of the “i” framed by two dots, marks the give and take relationship between the bank and business. Typography written in a single block affirms the solidity of the brand.

A signature “serving the future”

In a few words, the signature says exactly what it means. Bpifrance is committed to acting quickly by relying on its two businesses with modesty and efficiency. The publishing design is frugal. Published in paperback format in two colors, the books are written in a direct style, with accessible content. To be brief, for a public service, is new and it is better!

Bureaux Bpifrance Paris
Une cafétéria dans les bureaux de Bpifrance

A graphic charter for
the brand architecture,
the offer and communications

The unique brand comes with the names of 13 regions and innovative offers: Le Lab, Excellence, Pair to Pair, Coach…The advertising tone is designed for the entire communications ecosystem. Frugal with words, it’s a reflection of the direct answers customers get from Bpifrance.

Transparent areas

Saguez Workstyle® responded to budget constraints and tight deadlines. In a space of 9,000m2, there are 430 work stations for 2,200 mobile employees. The Boulevard Haussmann workspaces, in the colors of the brand, favor collaborative working methods and micro-meetings to facilitate rapid decision-making.

Numéro 1 depuis 1998, plus de 120 prix en 20 ans

A winning

Grands Prix Top Com corporate 2015
Grand Prix des Annonceurs de l’année 2017
Catégorie Banque
We succeeded in installing this bank in the landscape… a terrific toolbox for our customers.
Nicolas Dufourcq
Executive Director of Bpifrance