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Covid-19: when safety rules emerge in the urgency of the moment with poetry and lightness

Life is worth nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing is more precious that life itself

Covid-19. As a committed and striving design agency Saguez & Partners has seized a serious message and is using it to illustrate the new reflexes which ought to be adopted in the urgency of the moment in all simplicity and sensitivity. « There is nothing more valuable than life itself » is the name of this collection.

Moving swiftly yet simply in the wave of the deconfinement was vital. Marine Belkebir, a talented graphic designer-illustrator at Saguez & Partners, took the lyrics from Alain Souchon’s song that were going around in the designer’s head – and turned them into a collection of posters.

The posers are a vivid reminder of those from #inspiretaville by their humor and concept that the agency had dedicated to the inhabitants of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine in 2018 to help them see their city …. “under construction” in a different way. “Today also, it will take a lot of humor to try to live again, “masked”, to talk to each other again, to smile, to laugh … as we can no longer greet each other with a kiss or give a firm hand shake. We hope that the complainers, the birds of ill omen, the pessimists of life in general – will go away to let us find the pleasure of living together again and show our love of life” – Olivier Saguez, Designer, Founding President at Saguez & Partners.

Since May 11, the posters have been handed out free-of-charge to the shop owners of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. They add a touch of style to the safety rules. Serious in its content and powerful in its form, the powerful graphic design mixed with the surprising tone have revitalized the shopping streets and the checkout lines. It is a token of attention and appreciation, in short, a hymn to life. The posters are also freely available for download.

For any publishing, please mention “creation and graphic design: Saguez & Partners”.


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