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Ritz Comptoir : the gourmet boutique by François Perret

The quintessence of French excellence, the Ritz Paris inaugurates a new chapter in its history with the opening of the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir, the gourmet boutique by François Perret. A new destination that’s open to all, this Ritzy urban annex is distinctive for its ambiance of conviviality, sharing and gourmandise. 

A contemporary and elegant lifestyle space

The Ritz Paris has welcomed the world’s most illustrious guests and, more than a century after it first opened, its status as an icon of gracious living remains intact. The hotel is the eternal symbol of glamour, the avant-garde, and Paris as a literary capital. True to this DNA, the Ritz Paris today wishes to share with Parisians part of what makes it so marvelous. A veritable destination with a separate entrance at 38 Rue Cambon, Ritz Paris Le Comptoir fits seamlessly into the neighborhood and into everyday life for gourmets of every stripe. From morning to night, Ritz Paris Le Comptoir serves as a destination for neighborhood residents — professional and otherwise — to drop by for a delicate offering from an exceptional House. Available by click-and-collect, a concentration of François Perret’s best pastries will delight gastronomes from all over. Clients may savor these sweet indulgences right at the counter, or pick them up before strolling through the city or attending a dinner — it’s also possible to find a perfect dessert with a wine or champagne pairing.

« The opening of the Ritz Paris Le Comptoir it’s a more spontaneous, accessible alternative designed with Parisians in mind. » Marc Raffray, General Manager of the Ritz Paris

A Ritzy urban annex

Conceived as a welcoming, lively place that’s rooted in everyday Parisian life, Ritz Paris Le Comptoir is nonetheless refined and true to the chic style of the hotel. At once functional and elegant, this showcase brims with noble materials, made-to-measure details, and plays on texture that echo its refined pastries and create a fresh sense of conviviality. China cabinets, Art Deco dessert trolleys, and pastry counters recall the pedestal tables of yesteryear while, behind a window, one spies the bustling ambiance of a “pastry lab.” Subtle lighting from a spectacular chandelier recalls the generous curves of a madeleine, while sinuous alcoves are clad in gold, and a display has been hewn from a single block. There are naïve, almost childlike, illustrations and a large, gracious portrait of François Perret. For those wishing to sit down, an enveloping couch awaits, with the added comfort of being tucked behind beautifully worked screens, out of sight of onlookers in the street.

About François Perret
François Perret was named the World’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef in 2019, the same year his book “French Pastry at the Ritz Paris” was published by La Martinière, and with the success of the first season of “The Chef in a Truck” series on Netflix, his audience keeps growing daily. An abundance of recognition for the Chef, a native of Bourg-en-Bresse, who still vividly recalls the epiphany of his father’s crème anglaise. Having worked in some of the best kitchen brigades in Paris — at the Lancaster, Le Meurice, the Four Seasons George V and the Shangri-La Hotel Paris, François Perret was granted carte blanche at the Ritz Paris to create the House’s new pastry identity when it reopened in 2016.

Ritz Paris Le Comptoir
38 rue Cambon, Paris 1er arrondissement
Open from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 7pm
Press release.

Photos : ©Ritz Paris Le Comptoir.

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