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Welcoop Our work is your health

In a time when everything from food to leisure has become focused around health, restrictive policies work against the concerns of community health. In this paradoxical context, one of the French leaders in advice and services for pharmacists dares to reinvent a model in difficulty: the local pharmacy.
Identity & Strategy design
Nouvelle identité visuelle de Welcoop
Identité graphique Welcoop
Packaging Welcoop

Health is just around the corner

Welcoop affirms its new position of “Liberal Health Cooperative” by returning pharmacists to their legitimate place at the center of the ecosystem to encourage local health, daily maintenance and prevention. When politicians cuts health budgets, Welcoop relights green pharmacy crosses!

  • 1,800 collaborators
  • 2,650 member pharmacists
  • 12,000 client pharmacists

A visual identity with a human face

A head in profile the green color of fertile ideas with a rainbow brain scans the horizon: the Welcoop logo’s human-centered logo is a radical departure from the usual look and abstract jargon of the laboratories. The new troublemaker of the health sector is focused on listening, research and dialogue. Available in a multitude of colors and postures, the repeating logos form a flag of heads, an emblem of the cooperative system of the brand. People serving people, at the service of pharmacists who themselves are at the service of patients.

  • 13 million French people make a daily visit to a pharmacy
  • 96% of French people trust their pharmacist
Identité visuelle Welcoop
Identité visuelle Welcoop

Green Mark, products conceived by and for pharmacists

Starting with uses like “I have an allergy!” or “I hurt all over!” the agency created a brand universe that brings an immediate response to various pathologies. Despite heavy regulatory constraints governing the health sector, presentation tools (ILV, packaging) use simple language and leave space for the pharmacist to write recommendations.

  • 13 product ranges
  • 200 generic medicines

A signature phrase “Our work is your health”

Articulated around the brand’s four values—proximity, expertise, optimism, anticipation—the mass-market and professional advertising campaigns by Ateliers Devarrieux are accompanied by published materials. In the Green Paper, Welcoop unveils the architecture of the brand based around its two fundamental axes: vision and solutions.

With Ateliers Devarrieux