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The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower doesn’t have an official trademarked logo!
How to create an original image for the official boutiques of the Eiffel Tower?
Identity & Packaging design
Identité graphique de la boutique officielle Tour Eiffel
Codes graphiques Tour Eiffel, Saguez & Partners
Graphic style Tour Eiffel
Coffret Tour Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower is beautiful at night!

Taking its cues from the tower’s sparkling lights, the agency used a constellation of diamond-shaped graphics to build a new Eiffel Tower made of dots.

Eiffel Tower brown and minium orange

A particular shade of brown, and an orange that recalls the minium paint used to protect the metal structure of the tower. We created two trademarked colors for an original Eiffel Tower.

Boutique officielle la Tour Eiffel
Boutique officielle la Tour Eiffel

The Parisian Touch

Seen from below, viewed from above, the new visual identity plays with weightlessness, emptiness and fullness.

It’s an international visual identity that comes in macro and micro versions to identify and label official boutique products bought and sold.

I ought to be jealous of the tower. She is more famous than I am.
Gustave Eiffel