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TGV L’Océane A new generation train

The 3rd generation of France’s TGV, inaugurated on July 2, 2017 on the high-speed Paris-Bordeaux train line, two hours and four minutes of Design Utile® (useful design)!
Mobility & Product design
Design intérieur TGV l'Océane
Lampe design Ionna Vautrin
Nouvelles assises TGV l'Océane
Sièges ergonomiques dans le TGV l'Océane
Travailler dans le TGV l'Océane
Lampe bleue Ionna Vautrin

A Very High Speed sesign

The design of a TGV is also about the constraints of mass transport, 556 seats per train, a crash test at 300 km/hour, and maintenance processes equivalent to those of the RER (commuter rail serving Paris and its suburbs).

A nomadic office chair for multiple uses

Designed like an alcove, with an increased volume and an adjustable inclination, the 1st class seat is equipped with all the tools that are useful for today’s working modes: USB ports and 220 V outlets, a secretary desk, a mini tablet, a soft-light reading lamp, a vanity mirror and an individual coat hook.

Voiture bar SNCF
Finitions TGV l'Océane

Move better, a public health issue

The elegance of pure wool on seats, leather covering headrests and armrests, and light oak wood shelving are enhanced with a technological feat. For the well-being of the passengers, 1st class seats swivel to face the direction of travel for every trip. The various features of the journey are optimized: luggage space, dynamic signage and traffic handles. Access is fluid and postures varied to bring rhythm to the trip. Passengers can move around and have a refreshment in the bar car on shared benches or at the light oak wood counter.

A sustainable lifestyle

The light, calorimetry and materials treatments were selected for their performance in terms of sustainable design: operation and cleaning. After five years of reflection, project work and construction with SNCF and Alstom, the TGV L’Océane has a 10% increase in capacity compared with a TGV duplex and 22% more than a TGV Atlantique Lacroix.

Numéro 1 depuis 1998, plus de 120 prix en 20 ans

A winning

Institut Français du Design Janus de l’Industrie 2017
Mention spéciale du jury
Grand Prix Stratégie du Design 2017
Observeur du Design 2018
Red Dot Design Award 2018.
Our ambition is to attract 4 million additional riders per year with a great promise: to get more people to travel faster and more often.
Guillaume Pepy
SNCF President