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Nespresso Corner Shops & the Nespresso Café

Luxury, tranquility, voluptuousness and efficiency!
Architectural & Retail design

A rubik’s cube Corner

To be present in all the right places without ever being exactly the same, no matter the location, the space or the store. To present the range of fine machines and the Nespresso Club to recruit new clients, where it’s necessary to have a modular, flexible space that can be adapted with time.

Between 2 and 40m2, with touch terminals, 4D interactive screens, dynamic POS and merchandising relayed by touch pads…and with cost efficiency, how to deploy a mini concept here, there and everywhere?

A Coffee kick

100 Cheapside Avenue, London

A rest stop where busy city dwellers with the highest expectations can steal a precious moment for themselves—in an intimate, comfortable, spotless environment built on efficiency.

Creating a luxurious interlude in a modest space

Because the rush never stops, time is always short, and space is forever at a premium, the floor plan is optimized to allow customers a range of standing and seating options for a coffee tasting break. Inspired by the optimized environment of a yacht or a Milanese café, there are high stools and low chairs, places to stand looking out the window, spots to gather or have a moment alone…

Strong coffee, much strong coffee, is what awakens me. Coffee gives me warmth, waking, an unusual force.
Napoléon Bonaparte
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