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La Petite Ceinture SNCF – City of Paris

A call for initiatives to revive a forgotten space. A bit of nature, culture, adventure, nourishment, reading, beekeeping. Nothing too extravagant, certainly no cars, and the promise of renewal.
Environment & Identity design
Pictogrammes du nouveau logo de La Petite Ceinture
Identité La Petite Ceinture
Graphic Design La Petite Ceinture
Charte graphique La Petite Ceinture
Univers visuel La Petite Ceinture
Carte de Paris La Petite Ceinture

A rallying identity

Bringing together big and small projects to inspire new ways of living in the city.

Overlapping initiatives

Civic, commercial, athletic, festive, educational, cultural and institutional.

Brochure La Petite Ceinture Paris
Pictogrammes La Petite Ceinture Paris

An image-based logo!

Double tracks to girdle Paris.

A double track interrupted with the passing of time and present today across eight city neighborhoods.

Pictograms to inspire fresh ideas, vibrant green to symbolize a bit of nature on the move, a graphic code to insure consistent signage.

Time makes life tough for those who try to kill it.”
Jacques Prévert