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Manufacture Design

« For a company or a family, moving is a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork for the future. It’s an occasion to sort through things, eliminate the incidental and focus on the essential. And above all, to reshuffle the cards and find new ways of living together ». Olivier Saguez
Architectural & Office design

A good plan for the industrial hall, the neighborhood and the tropical garden

Everything begins with a good plan and Saguez & Partners based its project on the quality of the plan, a culmination of abundant natural light, careful attention to insulation and acoustics and the treatment of generous volumes. The plan creates open modular spaces with a bivouac spirit, using staircases to reinforce horizontal and vertical links and create fluid circulation that stimulates exchanges and encounters. Around a tropical garden, a green lung along the Docks passageway, the horseshoe-shaped plan funnels natural light through the entire building via a 6-meter-high glass canopy. Pouring in through skylights and large bay windows on all three levels of the building, light bounces off the pale-colored floors throughout. Bathed in natural light, the airy ambiance of the building evolves depending on the hour of the day and the season.

An eco-building in an eco-neighborhood

HQE® (Very Good), BREEAM (Very Good) for: pneumatic trash collection; CPCU managed district heating; natural ventilation system in place of air conditioning; the use of raw, warm materials such as Cross Laminated Timber CLT® on walls, compressed and heat-treated bamboo flooring by Moso selected for its low carbon footprint and sustainability. In its sustainable building, the agency has adopted sustainable practices like shared parking between neighboring buildings and the sorting and recycling of waste.

Work differently

The various modular spaces created by Saguez Workstyle® reveal their usefulness at each moment of the day and for every project. Two exercise rooms transform into offbeat brainstorming areas with pouf seating. Specific areas are dedicated to moments of hyperconnection, gathering, testing or concentration. Conceived as veritable tools useful at each stage of a project, these specially designed spaces promote quick thinking and execution: plenary sessions in the amphitheater; prototyping, DIY and photo shoots in the Fablab. Work stations are installed in two large open plan offices that stimulate sharing, flow, movement and creativity. The care taken by Saguez Workstyle® in regard to lighting, acoustics and ergonomics encourages employees to vary their work postures throughout the day and according to the season. Visible and accessible from every level, extended into the interior of the building by shades of green, the tropical garden and green terraces are an invitation to go outside, breathe and get inspired. A pioneer in installing a workout room in the workplace, the original Manufacture Design headquarters made the mastery of mind and body a fundamental element of the corporate culture. In the new office space, Saguez Workstyle® has put in place new spaces that guide everyday gestures to generate well being.

Numéro 1 depuis 1998, plus de 120 prix en 20 ans

A winning

Best of Year Awards 2017
Honorable mention for category “Firm’s Own Office”
Red Dot Awards 2018
A dream factory: a hybrid, alternative, experimental and atypical space to test a new way of living at the office