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La Grande Bauquière The branding of a vineyard

Located at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, with 24 hectares of Côtes de Provence vineyards, an unspoiled view of woods bordered by fields of wheat, lavender, olive trees and a river running through it, La Grande Bauquière is protected by a unique screen of vegetation.
Architectural, Identity & Product design
La Grande Bauquière par Manganèse Éditions
Jaune des champs de blé dans la cuisine
La nouvelle identité visuelle de La Grande Bauquière
Étiquettes du vin de la Grande Bauquière

The face of the landscape

More than in a château or winery, it’s into the landscape that we enter and it’s the fruits of a particular landscape that we taste. Inspired by this singular architectural landscape, the new visual identity of La Grande Bauquière represents the mountain of Sainte-Victoire, part face, part landscape.

Oh, the beautiful ceilings!

While waiting for the construction of the new winery, the old bastide welcomes guests of the vineyard with a coat of fresh paint. The white-washed interior evokes the color of the Sainte-Victoire. The only splashes of color are the moulded or rustic ceilings painted in the colors of the wine labels of the estate, inspired by the nature of Provence: olive green in the vestibule, sky blue in the lounge and the yellow of a wheat field in the kitchen.

La Grande Bauquière - Design et Architecture
La Grande Bauquière - Design et Architecture

Blending tradition and modernity

Using a refined, poetic and timeless approach, the team from Manganèse Éditions imprinted the history and known-how of the vineyard inside the bastide fortified town. On the staircase, pages from an encyclopedia of winemaking tools are hung with drawing clips. On the walls, plastic artist Jean Oddes used lead pencil to design a stylized version of an old map showing the land parcels of the property, the vines and the Sainte-Victoire.

Furniture: Manganèse Éditions and Casa Honoré.

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