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Dandy’s Pet A personalized brand for dogs and cats.

In France, one in every two households has at least one pet. Our increasingly pampered animal companions now have a website dedicated to their material needs.
Identity, Strategy & Web design
Advertising Dandy's Pet
Logotype Dandy's Pet
Nouvel univers graphique Dandy's Pet
Dandy's Pet - Branding
Design identité Dandy's Pet
Webdesign Dandy's Pet

King cats and dogs

In Monaco, home base of Dandy’s Pet, it’s the dog and the cat who are kings! The agency has placed a symbolic crown on the heads of our two little companions.

Dandy's Pet - Papeterie
Dandy's Pet - Papeterie

Anything for our fur babies

The dog and cat are part of the family. Their accessories are in harmony with the furniture, as elegant as the interiors of their masters. The visual identity created by l’agence-S spotlights the sensibility of Dandy’s Pet, which translates the affections of humans toward their pets. From the naming to the logo, visual policy, stationery and e-commerce site, the visual vocabulary evokes the values of elegance, wellbeing and cocooning. A dog and a cat illustrated like an origami paper casserole accompanies site visitors with a sensitive tone to reassure them at the moment of purchase.

Client website: www.dandyspet.com

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