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Château Autignac The new life of a wine grower’s Pinardier castle

The friendship between two families gave new life to an old pinardier castle from the 19th century, entirely restored with a contemporary architectural approach. Visitors are welcomed in the five guest rooms and indoor-outdoor spaces for a unique stay immersed in the production of wine and the terroirs of the Languedoc region. A passion and a place highlighted by a new visual identity.
Identity, Publishing, Strategy & Web design
Graphic design Château Autignac
Identité de marque Château Autignac
Pictogrammes Château Autignac
Univers visuel Château Autignac
Design de marque Château Autignac
Site internet Château Autignac

A dreamlike and cheerful visual identity

The upscale visual identity is a play on the harmony between the heritage and modern accents of the architecture. The exclusive mix of wine tourism and made-to-measure hotel services create a uniquely elegant and contemporary atmosphere. Birds’ nests cohabit with the château, a rabbit invites itself into the winery, a couple of birds deck themselves out in a top hat and a diadem to attend a private event…

Brochure Château Autignac
Brochure Château Autignac

Revisiting the “Folies Pinardières”

The illustrations depict the “folies Pinardières,” the Pinardier castles and architectural follies of the 19th century. The letterpress printing of the publications accentuate the historic character of the location, the quality of its wines and its exceptional services.

Client website: www.chateauautignac.fr

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