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Interior Design Magazine rewards Saguez & Partners

The Interior Design Best of Year Awards winners were announced December 9. The event honor top design projects and products around the world. Saguez & Partners won in the category of “Medium Corporate Office” with Pernod Ricard. The agency also received the “Honoree” label for the Huawei’s Global Flagship Store.

Pernod Ricard The Island

What could be better than an island workplace?
2 400 seats | 900 collaborators | 18 000 m2 | Global Headquarters | Paris
Winner, Best of Year Award 2020 – Category « Medium Corporate Office »

Le siège mondial Pernod Ricard gangant des Best of Year Awards 2020

Faced with the double concerns of public health and the economy, the world’s n° 2 for wines and spirits assures a safe and healthy return to the office to Work Differently. While 92% of Pernod Ricard’s business is international, France remains the cradle of the group. Its signature “Creators of Conviviality” reflects the Ricard spirit: that of a family attached to its history, its terroir in Provence, Marseille, the Camargue…the real South of France! Good architecture is based on natural light, the right orientation of spaces in relation to the sun and unobstructed views to the outside. At Pernod Ricard, we have all three! Get some air, breathe, get away from it all…The Island has 1,200 m2 of half-shaded green terraces capturing the “je ne sais quoi” spirit of the South of France. Being active means meeting others. It’s good for your health and the best way to do this is to offer more space to employees. The Island offers varied atmospheres and a dozen different working postures to encourage people to move according to their needs throughout the day.

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Huawei Global Flagship

The new phenomenon of Hosping®
Honoree, Best of Year Award 2020 – Catégorie « Mixed Retail »

Before the rush, it’s 7:30 a.m… Public square, The MixC Shopping Mall, Shenzhen

Saguez & Partners helped Huawei, the world’s second largest supplier of smartphones, create its first world flagship in Shenzhen. It’s in one of the most bustling pedestrian areas of the city surrounded by buildings that Saguez & Partners created a piece of relational architecture: a magnetic gathering place from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The indoor-outdoor agora staircase connects the public square and store interior, creating a borderless communal atmosphere. Visitors enter freely to relax, people-watch, work, learn, eat, have a coffee, meet, get acquainted, etc. It’s a restitution of private space to the public square. A sort of physical social media. The store is no longer just a place of sale but a place of relationships. It was necessary to name this evolution. Saguez & Partners called it Hosping®, the fruitful meeting between hospitality and shopping.

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