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Print Magazine: pandemic posters à la Française

Life is worth nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing is more precious than life itself… Marine Belkebir, a designer and illustrator at the French agency Saguez & Partners, had the lyrics from Alain Souchon’s “La Vie Ne Vaut Rien” stuck in her head during the pandemic—and in them, she found solace and inspiration. Belkebir created a set of seven COVID-19 posters, which Saguez & Partners has since been printing and distributing to brighten up businesses around Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine.

“We’ve covered a number of pandemic poster projects at PRINT and Saguez & Partners’ is among the most delightful, infusing color and humor into a decidedly dark topic … and making us long for the city of light more than ever” Zachary Petit, Editor in Chief.

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