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Huawei’s first global flagship store with Saguez & Partners

French design in the high-tech capital of the world: Huawei’s first global flagship store in Shenzhen, China.

House of High-TechM
Saguez & Partners designed the architecture of the global flagship by immersing itself in the spirit of Shenzhen (innovative, dynamic, technological) and its inhabitants (average age of 29) to imagine an iconic building, a strategic geographical landmark in one of the city’s liveliest neighborhoods, with the flagship abutting the The MixC shopping center. Huawei wanted a flagship that is a place of dialogue and brand experience. Educational and sensitive, the place encourages encounters and exchanges.

Huawei Does Hosping®
« Retail is no more only about shopping. It’s about meeting people, having fun, experiencing new products, gathering with your community, talking with a coach, making memories.. New Retail is Hosping®. The meeting between hospitality and shopping. » Cécile Poujade, Associate Retail & International Director, Saguez & Partners

Ouverture du flagship mondial de Huawei en Chine

A Place to See and Be Seen
The building designed by Saguez & Partners fits into the urban block as an extension of the public space. With its eye-catching organic form, it resembles a “cocoon” of softness and utter transparency. A fully glazed façade allows its occupants to see and be seen. Constructing the shell required using advanced techniques such as curved, sometimes three-dimensional glass that gives it a friendly and enveloping appearance.

An Urban Agora
Open to the city, a tiered staircase extends from the inside to the outside, crossing the glass façade to form an indoor-outdoor urban gathering place on two sides. Designed by Saguez & Partners, this Dekton® staircase (made from 80% recycled materials: glass, porcelain, quartz), it’s not just a place to pass through, it’s also a living space where you can watch, eat, have a coffee, meet, talk, learn… A place open to everyone, whether or not you are a customer. Outside, the gathering space is protected by a canopy with a stainless steel ceiling mirror.

House of Excellence

Saguez & Partners designed a flgaship store for all of the brand’s products in shades of gray and beige to create a soft and refined atmosphere. Flooring consists of large gray Dekton® slabs inspired by the color and texture of concrete. Walls and ceilings are wrapped in light gray felt panels to enhance the warm atmosphere of the space and offer acoustic and visual comfort.

5-Star Penthouse
On the third floor, the penthouse offers a reception area that’s ready to host a media event, an evening for influencers or a temporary exhibition. The panoramic rooftop view of the city is impressive—an Instagram-worthy spot appreciated by influencers.

Photo © Architecture & Design by Saguez & Partners
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